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Best in Class Caregiving with mejo App Founder Ryan Sheedy

Jillian Arnold, Confessions of a Rare Disease Mama

I missed you all during my summer break, but I am back at it and super excited to share this episode with you! I'm kicking off the end-of-summer with a wonderful and insightful conversation with rare dad & founder of the incredible mejo App! (If you have a rare or medically complex kiddo, trust me, this app will change your world).

After Ryan's son Reynolds was diagnosed with Costello syndrome at 19 months, he and his wife, Ashley, saw a desperate need for a better way to simplify, organize, and share caregiving information. And then enter.... MEJO.

Join us as we talk about his journey as a rare parent, life as a stay at home dad, PTSD from his time at the NICU, and just how mejo came to be.

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