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There is something special about the mejo® web app, and something even more special about the boy who inspired it and the family behind him that built it.
The app, mejo, is "putting 'me' back in medicine." Developed as a way for families of children with special needs to simplify, organize, and share caregiving information, mejo is a long-waited tool that acts as a medical journal specially tailored to individuals.

RARE entrepreneur series: Ryan Sheedy
of mejo

One thing a rare disease can rob families of is time. Time co-ordinating medical information and time that could be spent making memories. Ryan Sheedy was keenly aware of this which motivated him to find a solution to the problem. His app, mejo, allows parents and caregivers to collate and organise their child’s medical journey in one place and save that most precious of gifts: time.

Mejo app aims to make paper documents obsolete

The medical world could change as we know it, as a new web app enters the medical world where we could possibly no longer need paper documents.
The Mejo app was created in Northwest Arkansas by a Centerton couple who have dealt with the struggles of keeping up with medical records.

Ryan Sheedy: Special child’s need spurs new app

Dad develops app to empower families and caregivers by allowing them to manage and easily share information for medically complex children in a simplified manner.

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