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Celebrated by caregivers and communities alike, learn how our platform can help transform your patient experiences.

our offerings

Save Time & Energy

Reduce the caregiver burden of searching and repeating the same information over & over. Now they can securely share all of their loved one’s most important medical and care info in seconds.

Build Confidence

Give them peace of mind knowing they can track events, store important documents and locate critical info about their kiddos. It’s all there, easily accessible in their pocket.

Get Answers

Offer quick, user-friendly and tailored information anytime they ask for it. They pose a question, and the answers are right there from your curated resources. Be there for them when it counts.

Empower your community by giving them a platform that will...

partnering with mejo

Every caregiver deserves a companion.

At mejo, our mission is to save caregivers time, help organizations stay better connected and provide clinics best in class tools for those they care for. We’d love to show you more.


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