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your child's medical journal in one organized place.

mejo is helpful in so many ways, and we are here to support every family, regardless of the scenario.


Our mobile app works with the user to help identify and prioritize unique information to develop documents pertaining to your situation, in order to create peace-of-mind and feel more empowered to advocate for the care they deserve. 

being a caregiver is hard, and we are here to help.



  • Download into readable 1 pagers.

  • Tired of filling out forms? Save time. Attach mejo.

  • Can never remember the date of a past procedure. Refer to mejo.

  • Always asked to bring the med list? Hand them mejo.

  • Your loved one loves to give high fives and needs their pills put in applesauce. List that in mejo’s “getting to know me” section.


  • securely share in seconds via email or sms text.

  • Date night? No need to rewrite all the info for the babysitter. mejo has you covered.

  • School nurse needs the updated med list. mejo is already in her inbox.


  • Insights, resources & knowledge repository

  • Need to find info at 2am and don’t know where to start. Just ask mejo.

  • Available for Patient Advocacy Groups


  • Gain insights by capturing key events & symptoms

  • Who can remember when you changed their g-tube last? mejo does.

  • Starting a new med/treatment? Track it and share with a provider to help optimize the right dose.

  • Available for Patient Advocacy Groups and Premium version coming soon.


  • Call directly from the app and hyperlink to websites, videos and more.

  • No more searching your phone for the supply company’s number. Honey, its in mejo!

  • Your loved one has a large care team. mejo.


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