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Being a Caregiver is Hard Work

Simplify caregiving with mejo, the AI-powered app that empowers caregivers, delivers rapid insights for sponsors, and fosters deeper engagement for communities.

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Caregiving made easier.

mejo is there when you need it

As caregivers, we know firsthand that being a caregiver is an everyday job. There are no days off.  mejo (pronounced me-joe) is a web app built for caregivers to help save you time so you can have more joy with those you love and care for. 


When you need to communicate important health information, mejo is a user-friendly solution to save you time and provide peace of mind.  When you need to capture key events or track details, mejo makes it quick and easy, automatically filling in details for you in an intuitive way.  


Ask questions and get answers from curated and validated resources you can trust. Give yourself the 'freedom to forget' with the confidence knowing all of your loved one's medical + care info is beautifully organized and easily accessible within mejo.


Being a caregiver can be unpredictable.

Keeping a medical journal doesn’t have to be.

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Personalize and organize with ease.

As caregivers ourselves, we know firsthand how many times we are asked for the same information about our complex kid, so we built a digital journal that makes it easy for caregivers to organize and share their child’s most important care information.


Readable 1 pagers of medical + care info

Tired of filling out forms?

Attach mejo.


Can't remember a key date or detail?

Refer to mejo

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Send key info securely in seconds


Tired of responding to endless requests and forms?

mejo has you covered.

School needs an updated med list?

mejo is already in their inbox.


get answers

AI-enabled Insights, collateral

& knowledge repository.


Looking for your asthma action plan? 

Find it in mejo

Need to find info on headaches at 2am? 

Just ask mejo.


***Personalized for Organizations

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Easily analyze & capture key events & symptoms


Who can remember the last occurrence?

mejo does.


Starting a new med/treatment?

Track it in mejo and share with a provider

to help optimize the right dose.


***Personalized for Organizations

and Premium version coming soon.



seriously helpful in so many scenarios.

We are here to support every family, regardless of the scenario.

Real stories of relief & empowerment from mejo families.

"I am excited to be adding minutes back to my life that I would usually be taking to search through paperwork, emails, or my notes app."

Melissa S.

Mom & Caregiver

Sharing medical information, especially in situations that are urgent, with just one click instead of making list after list is nothing short of life changing!"

Lacy B.

Mom & Caregiver

"Being a caregiver isn't always easy, but it's my job. Thankfully mejo helps make it easier. It almost functions like my assistant."

Michelle M.

Mom & Caregiver

Every child is different.

And so is their medical journey.

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