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a better way to simplify, organize and share your kid's most important medical & care information all in one web app.

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Meet Mejo.

Putting "me" back in medicine.

Every child is different, and so is their medical journey. mejo is a tool that helps a caregiver organize medical/personal information to create a medical journal specifically tailored to their child. mejo makes it easy to identify and prioritize your child's unique information!


We know... that caregiver's time is
limited. That’s why we designed a sign-up process you could do while holding your little one in the doctor's office. Because we’ve been there-you got this mom (or dad)!

We know... that securing your child’s medical info is very important. That’s why mejo has implemented industry standard safeguards. We treat your child's info like our own child's info-with love and care.

We know... that sharing your child’s info with grandma, a babysitter, or a medical professional needs to
be really simple. Grandma
shouldn't need tech support-
that’s why we tested on ours.

Meet mejo.

My medical journey, simplified.

Life is challenging and unpredictable. Your personal health record doesn't have to be. Let us unravel the complexities of keeping your child's medical health records organized with mejo.

Why Mejo?

Seriously helpful in so many situations.

We are here to support every family, regardless of the scenario. Learn more about our use cases:

Track medical journey
Medically complex child
Going to stay at grandparents
Share with
non-primary caregriver
out of town
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