Why Mejo?

Seriously helpful in so many situations.

We are here to support every family, regardless of the scenario. Learn more about our use cases:

Track each child's medical journey
Medically complex child
Tool for non-primary caregiver
Leave behind for the babysitter
New physician appointment
Grandparents are watching the kids
Traveling out of town
Unique situations specific to your family
be prepared

Being a caregiver is hard!
mejo is here to help.

mejo is a tool that we hope any caregiver can find beneficial.

Grandparents taking the kids for the weekend so the parents can get away? mejo is for you.

New babysitter starting on Monday? mejo is for you.

Have a child with medical complexities? mejo is for you.

The use cases are endless. It works with the user to help identify and prioritize unique information to develop documents pertaining to your situation, in order to create peace-of-mind and feel more empowered to advocate for the care they deserve.

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